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Smarter Digital Manufacturing

We nurture top talents who have built first rate products, assign a dedicated product manager who loves working with people to each project, utilize proprietary data driven streamlined process to save you time, and financially absorb any and all surprises on your project to guarantee the project cost and save your business money.
That's the Nguyener Success Guarantee.

Top Talents

We build a network of top engineers, designers and product managers in the industry.

New Process

Our streamlined process uses data and technology to save you time and money.


Nguyen, not you, financially absorbs any and all surprises on your project.

On-Demand Software

We get started in 30 minutes. Available 24/7.


We build software for mid-market business and enterprises. Our main focus is to help increase the bandwidth of your engineering team, or totally offload the software design and development work for you, so your company can focus on the core competency that truly differentiates yourself in the market.


In short, we are the world's engineering department.

...Out with the old

The traditional software development outsourcing process is broken.


You hire an UI/UX designer, get a design done and then find out from the developers it will cost twice your budget to build.


Everyone “sharpens their pencil” but when the project encounters a problem the change orders, arguments and delays begin.


On average, you end up paying 30% more and waiting 3 months longer for your new software product.

...In with the SMART

Nguyen has pioneered a Streamlined, Measured, Accountable, Risk-Free and Tech-Enabled software development experience.


Your designer and developers work as one team and, using predictive models, quantify and legally absorb all of the risks on your project.


You end up paying $0 in unexpected costs, get your project 2 weeks early on average and, aided by powerful technology and professional customer support, receive the very best possible software manufacturing experience.

The new standard in enterprise software manufacturing

Nguyen helps companies create value with high-quality custom software delivered online and on demand
Get access to domain experts in new technologies
Work with a fully-managed development service
Quickly spin up a new development team
Ensure consistent delivery with our intelligent platform

100+ Years of Experience.

Collectively, our team of entrepreneurs, managers, designers and engineers have centuries of design-engineer experience in the major software development industry and have successfully completed over 30 complex software development projects.

We care about you the same way we care about ourselves.


Rather than having you commit to a contract and large upfront payment before you know what’s possible, we help you launch a scoping exercise to create a well defined spec document.


After the scoping exercise, you will receive professional scoping and cost estimation documents that you can compare with other software development services, or build the software in-house even if you choose not to commit to a contract with us.


The scoping process is painless and only takes roughly 5 to 12 business days.

$113,465 Average Project Value
99.9% On Budget
93.4% On Schedule
90 Net Promoter Score