Smarter way to build software.

We nurture top talents, including a dedicated product manager for each project, use data driven streamlined process to save you time and money, and financially absorb any and all surprises on your project. That's the Nguyener Guarantee.

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How to say NGUYEN correctly

When said with inspiring confidence, “Nguyen” always means a departure from what came before, humbly hinting at the precise moment of possibility.
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"I don't get it. What do you do?"

We are known as the world's software manufacturer, but we’re a little too weird to fit neatly in a box.

We Build Software

We do on-demand software development projects for small and medium businesses. Our main goal is to offload the front facing website design and development tasks for your team, so you can focus on the truly core part of your products.
We specialize in rapid prototyping, quick iteration and ongoing maintenance throughout your project life cycle.

The results speak for themselves.

We care about you the same way we care about ourselves.


With Nguyen Organization, rather than having you commit to a contract and large upfront payment before you know what’s possible, you pay just $2,000 for a scoping exercise and professional scoping documents that you can use at any software developer, even if you choose not to use us.

$73,465 Average Project Value
99.9% On Budget
93.4% On Schedule
90 Net Promoter Score


We collect, trade, sell and lease beautiful premium domain names with individuals, startups and companies.


We believe that the future of personal transportation is battery powered flying wings backpack, and we are working hard towards making it possible.


Imagine you are flying above Earth with your own wings, only then that you truly realize how incredible Earth really is.


We have a fond history with the game Minecraft since 2011. Therefore, we put the short domain to good use as URL short links for various official Minecraft web pages. See more...


We created an universally correct guide to pronounce the most popular last name in Vietnam correctly.


Our founder started out his business journey via gaming. To us, gaming is more than a hobby; it's a lifestyle. We created this community to enrich the largest and most passionate computer gamers around the world.
We like to support the PC gaming community with ongoing conversations and passion

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