The World's Mega Digital Factory

We are one of the world's largest digital manufacturing company. Our investment portfolio encompasses mostly of digital assets.


We provide IT consultations, customized web solutions, mobile development, cloud development, systems integration, server management, to name a few. We work closely with clients to review project objectives and business models. Furthermore, we leverage our industry knowledge and experience with current and best business practices to provide relevant solutions to our clients.


  • 2012: Waffle Minecraft gaming network was born
  • 2014: Reached 1 million online gamers
  • 2016: Minecraftly was born
  • 2018: Nguyen Organization

Founder Story

Viet York Nguyen is the founder and chairman of Nguyen Organization.


Viet York was born in the early 90’s in Hanoi, Vietnam. From the beginning, I had entrepreneurship in my blood, but I’ll get into that a bit later. My mom’s first job was a non-paid teaching assistant, to which she had to drive a bicycle more than 10 miles every day with my older sister. My dad, on the other hand, went to Československo (now the Czech Republic) for college. He started as an engineer, worked all his life in the field of telecommunications and was brought up to be a General Director of a giant telecom company in Vietnam. His contribution to the telecom industry in Vietnam was significant, and we were grateful for the opportunity that life gave him. Because of my mom’s tenacious nature and my dad’s work ethic, my sister and I were able to live a well off middle class lifestyle.


When I was eight years old, my parents decided to move from a tiny home to a big one. At first, we struggled a bit to adapt to the new lifestyle just like most nouveau riche Asians. I think that affected me the most because of the sudden change in environment at a young age. My parents told me to be grateful of what we had and always look out for others who are less fortunate. Up until after university, I always thought I was poor.


During the early 2000's, there was a trend of sleight-of-hand card trick performance coming to Vietnam from the United States, and Singapore. I was then 14 years old. Some of us started and expanded that trend together, the rest was history. During that time, I learned how learn sleight of hand faster, by muscle memory sprinting and resting. I realized I know how to learn now, and I could learn anything just by applying those ways of practice. At 15 years old, I filmed and created educational DVDs on how to practice some of the card tricks, burned those tutorial videos to DVDs, and sell them via online marketplaces. I made roughly $1000 USD, and bought myself a cell phone and tons of other toys. My dad found out and took the phone away.


Everybody in the world heard about New York. I also wanted to see what it was, and that's just what I did.


I enjoy my time at college and made interesting connections with friends. However, most of my time is actually spent onlearning technology, business, real estates, and stock trading via Google and YouTube. In freshmen year, I pitched my parents to invest $5,000 USD in me to build a Vietnamese version of Craigslist. They turned me down for a typical reason of me having to finish school first.


In sophomore year of university, I created one of the first Minecraft gaming service available at the time with another gamer I played with online. I lead the team and together we made 6 figure in revenue during the course of 18 months. We sold sold the gaming business during our third year of college. One of them now works for an unicorn tech company in San Francisco. Two of us never met physically.


This company was initially started as a game server to play with his online friends, with numerous add-ons installs that were available for his favorite game, Minecraft. Viet originally designed the website just for his friends, but quickly learned that the website he started as a hobby was something the entire gaming community could benefit from. In 2016, as demand for the site began to grow and the site’s traffic skyrocketed, Viet realized he had a viable online business, and Nguyen Org. was born.


However, learning more about the gaming industry problems that all of these gamers and consumers faced made him ever more frustrated about the limitations of the current system. He felt that they deserved better. So he started Nguyen Organization with the mission of building the personally curated platform in the world.


As the newly formed company continued to grow, Viet made the decision to relocate from New York City to Vietnam, while joining several startup accelerators to begin to transform the company from a small, singularly focused start-up into a diverse enthusiast information giant.


Our mission is ambitious, but we’re committed to doing our part to help the community move forward.


We’re a hardcore technology company, developing incredible software. We build our business sustainability through passionate and loyal customers—and every single team member, scientist or not, has a mission of delivering exceptional service at all times.