7 New Tech Trends in Silicon Valley for 2018

Written by Viet Nguyen / 06.02.2018 / Views

Did you ever think 10 years ago you would be reading newspapers on apps, banking from your smartphone or asking electronic devices to dim the lights? While no one can really predict the future, with increasingly evolving technological advances, there are a few new trends in Silicon Valley for 2018:

  1. Artificial intelligence will revolutionize product design concepts.
  2. Augmented reality and virtual reality will lead to mixed reality for shared, immersive experiences.
  3. New blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies will evolve.
  4. Demand for electric vehicles will increase.
  5. Machine and data learning will enhance customer shopping experiences.
  6. Content will be AI-driven using analytics and algorithms.
  7. Tech will be accessible to everyone.

Let’s explore these tech trends further:

1. Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Product Design Concepts

Fifty-nine percent of businesses are working on AI strategies. This will lead to new business models that reinvent the customer experience as many businesses incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into product design concepts.

More electronic devices will have AI features, including smartphones, speakers, watches and smart home gadgets. AI will help businesses create machines for human use that incorporate more robotics and have human-like features and characteristics.

2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Will Lead to Mixed Reality for Shared, Immersive Experiences

Augmented reality and virtual reality are still expanding. While you can use VR headsets, the future for augmented reality will be dramatically enhanced and based on shared experiences. Technological advances may mean more explorations in future worlds together. This may lead to new forms of social media and gaming in alternate realities.

Sharing platforms may allow digital classrooms, VR portfolios, gambling in VR casinos and even digital job fairs. There are infinite possibilities where people can immerse themselves in new experiences without leaving their homes.

Gartner suggests that a mixed reality (MR) will emerge and this new model will be led by development platform vendors, application vendors and system software vendors. Look for trends with head-mounted displays and heightened smartphone competition in AR, VR and MR. Forbes states this may lead to $150 billion in future revenue opportunities.

3. New Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies Will Evolve

Maybe you’ve asked someone recently, “What is sharing economy?” As a way to share online transactions, advances in blockchain technologies will cause increases in cryptocurrencies. Because blockchains are decentralized ledgers that minimize fraud risks, blockchains may be included in more transactions and minimize the need for paper checks. It may even lead to the end of paper voting ballots, as blockchains offer safer alternatives to government, banking, healthcare, retail and society.

While blockchains are unregulated and unproven, businesses will develop better understandings of blockchain limitations and capabilities and learn cryptographic skills to integrate blockchains into their current infrastructures.

4. Increased Demand for Electric Vehicles

Ride-sharing and transportation services are already tapping into fuel-efficient, electric and driverless vehicles. Businesses will incorporate AI with driverless vehicles to facilitate and optimize supply chain management.

As more people buy driverless cars, repair shops and dealers may only carry electric vehicles. This may lead to difficulties with maintenance for older vehicles to meet market demand for the electric vehicle market.

5. Machine and Data Learning Will Enhance Customer Shopping Experiences

Do you ever ask, “Should I buy this device?” Look for enhancements with machine and data learning. Businesses are experimenting with shopping preferences, strategic ad placement,and reorder features to enhance shopping based on past preferences.

With the end of net neutrality, businesses will rely on customization trends and utilize features like combining data with AI or machine learning to predict online and in-store shopping preferences. The customer experience will feel “friendlier” as stores use AI and tracking features to enhance consumer shopping experiences.

6. Content Will Be AI-Driven Using Analytics and Algorithms

AI is enhancing online content. On a broad scale, AI can perform human tasks like predicting shopping preferences and email or keyword options. On a narrower scale, algorithms can be used to help machines assigned to specific tasks. As marketers and content creators maximize the efficiency of AI, they will incorporate it into analytical changes. Gartner concluded that AI features and tools will include more predictive analytic tools, generation algorithms and natural language processing to drive smart content. Look for optimizing changes with Google’s PageRank tool and other businesses to follow suit with algorithms.

It’s anticipated that in a few years, AI and machines will control and develop content, and human staff will only act as overseers. Machine-generated content will maximize the speed and fluidity at which information is released. AI features may even allow for human content creators to offer personalized user dialogs. This may be seen in chatbots and personalized recommendations.

7. Tech Will Be Accessible to Everyone

As innovation expands, technology will become accessible to everyone. With human-centered design features, technology will be available on a global scale. Conversational platforms will evolve to serve as intermediaries between people and their computers with more enhanced features for dialect, languages, motion, retina and voice patterns.

If you’ve ever thought “How to configure…” you will find AI tracking data in the background through intelligent apps, creating intermediaries between people and computers. This will enhance user experiences and lead to growth in augmented analytic strategies offering more solutions for AI novices.


With all the technological trends, while some changes can be anticipated, there’s still so much to uncover. There are new opportunities for marketers, businesses, vendors, and developers to pave the way for a technologically advanced world.

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