We have completely reimagined the development process to give you a service you can trust every time.

Based in major tech hubs

Smart work platform

We’re reimagining outsourced work.

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Nguyen Organization leverages elite talent with proprietary automation tools to make software manufacturing more reliable and efficient.
Best Talent

Nguyen Network consists of top designers and engineers who have launched products with millions of users and won multiple design awards.

Smart Platform

Machine learning powers everything we do—from quoting you a fixed price, to finding you the right team, to delivering your project quickly.

Smart Immediately

Using our smart platform, we're able to start projects within hours, not days or weeks.

Project Management

Our Product Managers have graduated from top institutions like Bach Khoa, MIT, Harvard, and Stanford. They’ll make sure your project runs smoothly.

Fixed Price

Your project will cost the same amount regardless of who builds it and how it’s built. Once we quote you a price, we’ll stick to it no matter what.

Guaranteed Work

During the course of a project, our team will gladly make necessary revisions to ensure that you’re going to market with the best product possible.

Better Quality

We combine top software professionals with intelligent monitoring and automation tools to deliver better products.


We aren't a development shop trying to squeeze out large profits. Our focus is reinventing outsourcing. Our top investors support us in this mission.

Why Nguyen Organization

You have options

There are thousands of development services from foreign talent marketplaces to enterprise-grade systems integrators. We founded Nguyen Organization to strike a new balance - high quality at fair prices.

Start Project
Recruiting Fee
Guaranteed Quality
Failure Rate
Termination Costs

0-2 Weeks


Very Low



3-4 Months



Very High


1-3 Months


Very High


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