Premium Domains Names

We own a handful of beautifully brandable domain names, we have plans for them. However, as we focus on our core values, most of the time we don't have time to develop such domain names into brands. Therefore, we are willing to consider selling or leasing out some of those.


Let's work together to get a domain that will work for you. Cash + equity and other creative financing structures may be entertained.


We sometimes collect more domain names. Simply contact us to get the conversation started. We often look for:


One or two word .com

Short domains (example:

One word or short .co, .ly, .vn or other ccTLDs

Domain name hacks (example:

And other domains if they fit our strategy

Almost everything and every company in Vietnam end with the word Viet. It's a way of expressing a local friendly approach to life and business.

Great domain name for artificial intelligence brand. Emily Turing is short for ET, also bears the last name of the infamous Alan Turing.

Great 5 letter brand name.