What is Nguyen? 

Nguyen Organization is building a smarter way of doing software manufacturing, from the ground up. We're a new kind of general contractor for software that delivers your project exactly as promised. Supported by proprietary technology, process, our team of expert product managers, designers, specialists, and developers, Nguyen Organization is committed to creating the perfect website to visit. 

What type of projects do you do? 
Nguyen specializes in mid to high-end website and software developments projects, using our network of world class developers currently working at valuable tech companies. We strap on our boots and do most of our work in Vietnam, New York City and Europe. Our most popular projects are ground gut development (where we build websites from the ground up), system integrations and website conversions. Our average project size is $70,000.

Is this Legit?

Yes. We were on Google I/O Extended, AWS Activate, Stripe Atlas, partnered with popular YouTubers and our moms vouch for us.


Why is our products prices so cheap?

We’re gamers/entrepreneurs and understand gaming is the expense most people skimp on. So we wanted to offer a service that caters to casual gamers, families, and schools who want their online virtual world to reflect their personality. Streamlining the process from top to bottom, we are able to offer our service at an affordable price.


Why is our product prices so expensive?

We take it you may not have had to setup a game community before. In comparison to hosting the servers yourself, yes it may seem to be expensive. But how much is your time and peace of mind worth? Most hosting providers would charge 3 to 5 times the amount that we do, and may not have experience in crafting and maintaining like we do. Our tech experts have created thousands of worlds and plugins with hundred of thousands downloads, and keep up with the changes in security, maintainance, and versions daily, even hourly.


Did you guys buy your servers from third world countries?

No, we bought them off a guy who said they fell off the back of a truck. No seriously we use Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform in the United States and they gave us tremendous support.


Why don’t you guys have a phone number?

We hate phones. No seriously, we hate phones. In order to provide the services with written record trails we have to limit our phone options. So, we apologize but we are not able to accept phone calls at this time. We do have our superb email and chat system which is even better than communicating via phone.



What if I have 5 million friends who like to play?

It’s absolutely fine. Our cloud infrastructure can handle much more players!



Who do I pay for my software project? 

All payments to be made throughout your software project are paid directly to Nguyen Organization. Our platform then disburses funds to the various parties and transparently records everything on our website. You'll be able to view it all. 

How does Nguyen ensure my money is being used properly? 
One of the biggest causes of friction on software projects is managing cashflow and funds. This can cause delays, making it nearly impossible to get the developers working at maximum efficiency. The good news is that we figured out a smarter way of doing things. We ask for milestone payments in advance, and we only pay our crew and suppliers upon your satisfaction with the milestone. This plays a key role in helping us deliver successful projects on time–nearly every time. Your payment schedule is also built into the contract and appears on your dashboard. It outlines the work and corresponding payment upon the completion of each stage. We'll give you a heads-up a few days in advance of each scheduled payment, so you can inspect our progress and prepare funds for transfer. 

How many payments will I make on my project? 
A typical development project, which lasts an average of 6 to 12 months from design to construction, requires around 8 payments. We try to keep these frequent enough so they reflect our progress, but not so often that they become an annoyance!