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Our history with Minecraft

Our founder, Viet York, created one of the first Minecraft online gaming networks back in 2012. Here is his note:


"Back in winter of 2011, I was a sophomore in university in the United States. The cold weather made me not want to go outside and just stayed in my small 300 square feet studio apartment to play games. I was actively looking for a social online game to play, like a casual MMORPG like the good old Korean game MU Online that I used to play when I was a kid. It took me a while...


Surprisingly, casual MMO was extremely difficult to find that year. After a few months of trying different games like Pets vs. Monsters (discontinued), RuneScape, SecondLife, IMVU... I got quite frustrated and quit finding a game to play altogether.


Then I found Minecraft. My first impression with it was from some YouTube videos. Somebody was playing it and recorded it on YouTube. I tried to play the then free online browser version, it was exciting because I could see people running in game. It was quirky. Somehow, after a day or two, my browser couldn't play it after that due to some Java and browser incompability issues.


I was a student and didn't want to pay the full $26 to buy a Minecraft account. It took me weeks to decide to buy the account and play the downloaded version. I didn't like the downloaded version because it was offline, and I could only play alone. So I quit.


Then I found out that there's something called Community Servers, where people can play with others on a server hosted by some individual. Now the fun started. I was addicted to it then.


The rest is history..."