Nguyen Expeditions publishes research papers regularly. Publishing is important to us; it enables us to collaborate and share ideas with, as well as learn from, the broader scientific community. Submissions are often made stronger by the fact that ideas have been tested through real product implementation by the time of publication.

We believe the formal structures of publishing today are changing – in computer science especially, there are multiple ways of disseminating information. We encourage publication both in conventional scientific venues, and through other venues such as industry forums, standards bodies, and open source software and product feature releases.


Open Source

We understand the value of a collaborative ecosystem and love open source software. Here is an example of our ambitious open source project: >Kosmos


Product and Feature Launches

With every launch, we’re publishing progress and pushing functionality.


Industry Standards

Our researchers are often helping to define not just today’s products but also tomorrow’s.



“Resources” doesn’t just mean tangible assets but also intellectual. The right balance of opportunity and limitation of resources, coupled with a great team of colleagues foster a rich and collaborative research environment.



Couple big challenges with small resources and Emily offers unprecedented research opportunities.


White Papers

  • >Introductory Whitepaper for Kosmos technology
  • Scalability without Rewriting Stateful Application
  • Scientifically Ethical Monetization in MMO Gaming
  • MMO Gaming Retention Formula
  • Hot Storage for Stateful Application
  • The Power of Massively Multiplayer Online Games
  • Distributed Administration in Online Gaming
  • Virtual Currency and Inflation in MMORPG
  • Implicit Learning via Online Gaming